About us

Our mission

Why is a study support programme needed? Almost all universities offer trial studies for prospective refugee students. Few of these trial students actually go on to study. They often find it difficult to navigate the jungle of university bureaucracy. Often, they also lack the financial means to obtain the necessary documents for enrolment (e.g., language courses and certificates, diploma translations and recognitions). SEET aims to close this gap.

Refugees are thus hindered by numerous cultural, institutional, and financial obstacles when (re)starting their studies in Switzerland. SEET sees itself as a bridge between prospective students and higher education institutions in Switzerland, helping to overcome these obstacles.

With our study support programme, SEET contributes to the personal empowerment of those supported. In this way, SEET also supports them in successfully integrating into Swiss society. In turn, the Swiss population benefits from the potential and unique background experience of the supported participants.


"SEET stands up for equal opportunities and the right to education."