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In Zurich, foreign nationals currently have to wait 5 years before they can apply for scholarships for vocational or higher education. We believe this needs to change.

Scholarships enable people to complete their training, integrate into the job market, and achieve financial independence.

The majority of the Cantonal Council and Government Council agree and want to eliminate this unnecessary waiting period. The final decision will be made by voters on September 22, 2024.

A committee of political parties and aid organisations is campaigning for a YES vote. Winning this referendum is crucial for improving refugees’ access to education and integration.

They are aiming to raise CHF 35,000, with CHF 20,000 already pledged. Donations will fund their campaign, which will support the voices of those affected through printed materials and social media outreach.

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Account Details:
Note ‘No waiting periods for scholarships’
c/o Grüne Kanton Zürich
Ackerstrasse 44, 8005 Zürich
IBAN: CH59 0900 0000 8058 4491 7



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